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The trusted partner for healthcare research

The trusted partner for healthcare research

Carelon Research is a healthcare research company providing answers to help improve health outcomes, lives, and communities.

Partnership beyond projects


Carelon Research is the research arm of Elevance Health, one of the nation's largest health insurers. We were founded in 1996 and have worked for a generation to become the trusted partner for healthcare research.

We create value by delivering quality evidence and expertise, leading with honest and ingenuity, and building lasting relationships with clients and leaders in the field.

We take pride in our relationships. Industry leaders rely on us, and return to us, for the evidence they need — to develop treatments, improve care delivery, and change health policy.

Carelon Research

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Our unique value


Expertise, data, and relationships.

Our combination of expertise, data, and relationships creates value for life science companies, government agencies, and academic research leaders. As part of Elevance Health, and as a Carelon company, we have access to a wealth of health data and an array of specialists in subjects ranging from behavioral health to oncology.

We create value by:

  • Delivering quality evidence and expertise.
  • Leading with honesty and ingenuity.
  • Building lasting relationships with clients and leaders in the field.

Current perspectives


Our rich, reliable data comes with a seasoned, skilled team that helps clients achieve their goals. The result: powerful evidence. Read our latest perspectives articles to learn more about the impacts of our recent work.


Unparalleled data


We manage the Healthcare Integrated Research Database (HIRD®) — a powerhouse of medical information on over 88 million individuals.

Comprehensive services


We offer a broad range of services in health economics & outcomes research, safety & epidemiology research, clinical research, and patient-centered research.