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A powerful research ecosystem


Our powerful research ecosystem of expertise, data, and relationships — in collaboration with our clients in life sciences, government, and academia — helps give us the ability to impact the future of healthcare. We can determine the right questions to ask, design observational and interventional studies to provide comprehensive insights, and translate and deliver meaningful results necessary for impactful decisions across the healthcare continuum — from treatment development through care delivery and policy.

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Our expertise, data, and relationships

Multidisciplinary expertise

Our multidisciplinary team of researchers has years of experience working with our data and a deep understanding of all the facets necessary to design more meaningful studies.

  • We build strong teams by bringing together the right specialized expertise for each project.
  • We employ the most appropriate methods for optimal outcomes, applying clinical knowledge to real-world data for better real-world evidence.
  • We have a deep understanding of the data necessary for designing and conducting a variety of studies and translating results into actionable information.
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Unparalleled data assets

At Carelon Research, we curate one of the largest healthcare databases in the country. Within the Healthcare Integrated Research Database (HIRD®), we use deterministic matching to link medical and pharmacy claims, enrollment, clinical, lab results, oncology data, social determinants of health, race and ethnicity, as well as other important elements needed for research.

  • Multiple integrated data sets provide a more complete picture of patient care.
  • We can also link to data sources beyond our own using deterministic or probabilistic matching methods.
Direct stakeholder relationships

We collaborate across disciplines and stakeholders to incorporate a variety of perspectives and arrive at more actionable results.

  • We have access to a broad network of resources within and beyond our organization.
  • Our teams are uniquely positioned to turn insights into action, collaborating across the healthcare ecosystem and understanding how stakeholders interact with each other to deliver care.

We can intersect anywhere in the evidence development and delivery process


We know innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Our unique approach to research and evidence generation comes from working with stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum. Our experts become more knowledgeable, our relationships become stronger, and our data become richer. This allows us to have a broader vision, create unique partnership opportunities, inform and influence change, and improve health outcomes.


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