Health economics & outcomes research

Demonstrating real-world value


Healthcare stakeholders are asking for evidence of real-world value. As a payer-owned healthcare research company, we incorporate this perspective in a manner that strengthens the translational value of real-world evidence. Our team uses integrated data including claims, clinical, lab results, and mortality data for a more complete picture of how treatments are performing in everyday circumstances. With decades of experience working with our data, we are skilled at translating evidence into actionable information for stakeholders.

Key strengths

Consultative approach


We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to health economics & outcomes research by developing evidence-based strategies with our clients throughout the product life cycle. We work with life sciences manufacturers in early stages to create real-world evidence plans, execute studies, and help maximize the value from these studies by translating evidence into actionable information for stakeholders.

Multidisciplinary expertise


The researchers who make up our health economics & outcomes research team have multidisciplinary expertise across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas including economics, data science, and biostatistics. We integrate this broad mix of perspectives into the design, analysis, and interpretation of each study. Using advanced research methods, our team uncovers insights important for improving the use of treatments in the real world.

Multi-stakeholder collaborations


We facilitate transparent research collaborations by bringing together life sciences and payers to study treatments with the potential to help improve the health of millions of people. We help ensure value alignment between cost of drugs and health benefits to consumers. A key example of this is our ongoing support of value-based agreements between life sciences manufacturers and CarelonRx.

Your challenge is our charge

Health economics & outcomes research features

  • Strategic evidence consultation
  • Real-world evidence (RWE) development plan
  • Payer perspectives in RWE
  • Analysis of large complex surveys or data sets (e.g., HIRD®, Medicare, NAMCS)
  • Study design development
  • Cost-effectiveness and pharmacoeconomic modeling
  • Publication strategy consulting
  • Scientific publication

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