Clinical oncology research solutions

July 2022

The data environment, relationships, and research expertise at Carelon Research (formerly HealthCore) position us to deliver high-quality, actionable results, saving you time and effort.

We can partner with you to generate relevant evidence that has a meaningful impact for many healthcare decision-makers.

Unparalleled access

Our access to millions of lives and ability to link clinical and claims level data results in more relevant and informed answers.

Through the Cancer Care Quality Program initiated in 2014, Carelon Research has access to important clinical data obtained directly from oncologists at the time of treatment, providing a more complete patient treatment journey.

Our linked, longitudinal data, along with our relationship to the data source and access to internal experts mean we make challenging questions easier to answer.

Multidisciplinary expertise

Our multidisciplinary teams of researchers and clinicians have years of experience working with our data and a deep understanding of all the facets necessary for designing more meaningful studies. Our commitment to scientific rigor makes us a strong data and consultative partner.

Through our combined experience, we have 67 publications and presentations from over the last five years across a spectrum of cancer types utilizing these data. This experience enables us to design, conduct, and analyze complex data in ways that others are unable to execute.

We work collaboratively with you to develop your research concepts and help translate study results into evidence.

Advantages of integrated clinical & claims oncology data

  • Provides comprehensive longitudinal data for each patient that enables oncology research studies that are more robust than studies using clinical or claims data alone.
  • Able to quickly identify specific populations (for example, triple negative breast cancer, PD-L1 positive advanced non-small cell lung cancer).
  • Cancer care evolves quickly so our monthly updated dataset allows us to identify latest treatment patterns faster.
  • Our large, high-quality integrated dataset enables us to conduct most analyses of interest.

Powerful research ecosystem

The integration of claims and clinical data enhances the ability of our researchers to follow patients for broader treatment outcomes across the entire health system.

Why we are a great partner

  1. We can quickly and efficiently determine the feasibility of using our data assets to conduct studies to meet your particular needs. If our data cannot answer your specific questions, we will offer alternative solutions if available.
  2. We can generate real-world evidence anywhere in the development pipeline, whether you are not yet in the marketplace, interested in new indications, or evaluating market presence.
  3. Our extensive experience across a range of cancer types including common, less common, and rare cancers makes us uniquely positioned to build strong teams by bringing together the right expertise for your projects.
  4. We bring more than just unparalleled data assets. Our relationships, data, and expertise enable us to do research to get you the answers you need.

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