HealthCore announces it is now Carelon Research

Wilmington, Del., March 1, 2023

HealthCore, Inc., announced today that it has changed its name to Carelon Research as part of a brand migration to Carelon, a new healthcare services brand under Elevance Health. The new name reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to healthcare research with the aim of improving health outcomes, lives, and communities.

“As Carelon Research, we will continue delivering the expertise, unparalleled data, relationships, and evidence-generation capabilities long valued by our partners and clients in life sciences, government, and academia,” said Mark Cziraky, president of Carelon Research. “We will also achieve greater alignment with leadership across the Carelon family of companies and broaden the scope of our expertise and business opportunities for our clients.”

Carelon Research, a subsidiary of Elevance Health, curates one of the largest healthcare databases in the country to provide a broad range of research solutions including clinical research, health economics and outcomes research, safety and epidemiology research, and patient-centered research. The company also provides evidence-based insights back to its parent company through innovative research and multi-stakeholder collaborations.

“Research is fundamental to achieving Carelon’s mission of solving healthcare’s most complex challenges together,” said Cziraky. “That’s exactly what we intend to do.”

About Carelon Research

Carelon Research, a wholly owned, independently operating subsidiary of Elevance Health, is a healthcare research company committed to improving the future of healthcare with trusted insights powered by evidence. We work with life sciences, government, academia, Elevance Health, and collaborators on a broad range of research solutions focused on generating relevant information needed to help improve health outcomes, lives, and communities.