Our evolution drives better data alignment for customers

February 1, 2023

Mark Cziraky, former vice president of scientific affairs, chief growth officer, and co-founder of Carelon Research, Inc. has become president of Carelon Research while Marcus Wilson, former president and co-founder, now leads the Enterprise Analytics Core, a new division of Elevance Health that includes Carelon Research.

Wilmington, DE – February 2, 2021 – Carelon Research continues to use its clinical and research expertise, industry relationships, and real-world data to generate the evidence needed to improve decision making in healthcare. Elevance Health has long utilized insights that Carelon Research, its independently operated research subsidiary, has generated through its research for health plans, as well as for life sciences companies, government, and academic collaborators.

Now, the Enterprise Analytics Core, led by Wilson as chief analytics officer, with a refreshed, informed research and analytic strategy, can provide more useful data to Carelon Research to generate evidence that is more actionable for its external partnerships and customers.

Wilson brings 25 years of experience leading a research and evidence generation organization into his new role of chief analytics officer at Elevance Health. In addition, he has been extensively involved in a broad array of industry-wide efforts to accelerate healthcare evidence development and facilitate clinical decision support.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to work with Carelon Research to advance the analytic agenda we are setting forth in the Enterprise Analytics Core,” said Wilson. “I have full confidence in Mark’s ability to lead the Carelon Research organization and continue to form strategic partnerships across our industry.”

Cziraky and Wilson met as clinical pharmacists in the early 90s and later co-founded Carelon Research together in 1996 after realizing a need for more relevant and actionable evidence in clinical decision making in healthcare.

Cziraky has extensive experience running all lines of business for Carelon Research. He most recently led the growth and scientific affairs team and global scientific and business development for Carelon Research. He has also led the health economics and outcomes research teams, safety and epidemiology teams, and the site-based clinical research unit. Additionally, Cziraky has served as a key architect in creating open-source research collaborations within the healthcare industry that have allowed health plans to be involved in research design and execution with various collaborating organizations.

“By joining the Elevance Health Enterprise Analytics Core, we can help drive strategy and utilize our industry partnerships and collaborations and collective expertise to enable our partners and Elevance Health to become greater insights-driven organizations and have an even greater impact on healthcare,” Cziraky said. “We’re not changing the way we work – we’re amplifying the effect of the evidence we generate.

About Carelon Research

Carelon Research is finding evidence and truth at the core of healthcare. We work with life sciences companies, government agencies, academia, Elevance Health, and collaborators on a broad range of research services focused on informing key decision makers. As a wholly owned, independently operating subsidiary of Elevance Health, we utilize a powerful research ecosystem of expertise, relationships, and data to generate the evidence needed to improve healthcare.