A letter from the president: Our next chapter

July 2022 | Written by Mark Cziraky, PharmD, CLS, FAHA, FNLA

Since Marcus Wilson and I founded HealthCore (now Carelon Research) in 1996, we’ve always been focused on solving the need for better evidence in healthcare decision-making.

Long before real-world evidence was a part of the healthcare vernacular, we worked tirelessly to persuade the healthcare community – providers, payors, life sciences companies, regulators, and even patients, of the need to support the development, use, and application of the evidence generated through this research.

Twenty-six years later, HealthCore (now Carelon Research) is joining the Carelon family of companies under Elevance Health and will continue to focus on supporting the need for evidence generation and research collaboration in the marketplace. Our ability to measure and improve the safety, effectiveness, and affordability of medical technologies is critical to Carelon’s mission of solving healthcare’s most complex challenges together.

HealthCore (now Carelon Research) has acknowledged the multi-faceted nature of healthcare. We’ve studied some of the physical, behavioral, and social drivers that impact whole health. And through our research, we’ve uncovered dozens of opportunities to improve outcomes, lives, and communities.

As part of the Carelon family of companies, we will continue living out our goal of finding evidence and truth at the core of healthcare and delivering the expertise, data, relationships, and evidence-generation capabilities long valued by our partners and clients in life sciences, government, and academia.

Though our name and brand will be changing, the heartbeat of HealthCore (now Carelon Research) and the mission on which Marcus and I founded this company will not.

In this next chapter of our journey, we look forward to the remarkable opportunity before us: to help enable Carelon Research, an organization serving one in three people in the US, to deliver on its commitment and ability to support whole health across the entire healthcare continuum.

Mark J. Cziraky
President, Carelon Research

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