Our leadership

Carelon Research (formerly HealthCore) is comprised of leaders — pioneers and subject matter experts — committed to improving the future of healthcare with trusted insights powered by evidence.

Senior leadership

Mark Cziraky

Mark Cziraky, PharmD, CLS

President, Carelon Research and Vice President, Elevance Health

Daniel Beachler

Daniel C. Beachler, PhD, MHS

Director, Safety & Epidemiology Research

Crystal Holick

Crystal Holick, ScD, MPH, MBA

Staff Vice President, Strategy and Planning

David Q. Jones

David Q. Jones, Esquire

Associate General Counsel, Elevance Health

Julie Miller

Julie Miller, MPH, PMP

Staff Vice President, Clinical Research

Ralph Quimbo

Ralph Quimbo, MA

Staff Vice President, Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Devon H. Taylor

Devon H. Taylor, MPH

Planning and Performance Director, Chief of Staff

Craig Waltz

Craig Waltz

Executive Director, Growth and Business Planning

Vincent J. Willey

Vincent J. Willey, PharmD, BCACP

Principal Scientist

Principal scientists

John J. Barron

John J. Barron, PharmD

Principal Scientist

Sarah Daugherty

Sarah Daugherty, PhD, MPH

Principal Scientist

Michael Grabner

Michael Grabner, PhD

Principal Scientist

Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris, PhD

Principal Scientist

Stephan Lanes

Stephan Lanes, PhD, MPH, FISPE

Principal Scientist

Judith J. Stephenson

Judith J. Stephenson, SM

Principal Scientist